Sincerity: a Poem


Hi there. This is a poem I wrote a little while ago, called ”Sincerity”.


Typed and retyped words

Trying to express a concept not explained in characters

I love you

But not in that way.

As a friend and a shoulder, as a cake-source and tear-holder

As a comfort and fear-contoller.

I love you as a friend

Too specified, an air of missing something more

The depth of emotion unexpressed

A qualifier that detracts from meaning,

A sense of cold feeling.

I appreciate –

Definitely not. Closed and formal,

Like our friendship was a business arrangement, like I owe you a favour

Just no.

Why do we sneer on sincerity?

Why do we not have enough words to express with feeling

All that my being is attempting to convey?

Why is

I love you

Revered and feared, words we are scared to admit

But also to omit,

Why is a declaration of feeling so emotionally draining?

Why must I qualify that

I know it’s cheesy but-

Like my loves are lies expressed on falsified greetings cards?

Why do we not tell everyone

I love my friends with all my heart



I stare at screen,

Now empty.

[ ]

I settle, with my true emotions wrenching inside of me



I hope she will understand.

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