Descriptive writing: Goddess

pexels-photo-556658.jpegHi there! This is a short piece of descriptive writing about a character – they’re not a character I have a use for at the moment, but they were fun to imagine and play out in words. Enjoy!


If you saw her in the street, you would think her normal. You would think her average. You would think her ordinary.

You would think wrong.

You have not seen her hair shine in the sunlight, summer sparkling on her skin, eyes like stars, filled with wonder. You have not seen the constellations in her freckles, a map of the heavens formed delicately across her back. You have not traced it with your fingers.

You have not seen her draw magic from the earth itself, eyes wild, hair blowing in the wind. Golden light dances from her freckles to her fingertips, and she smiles. It is not a happy smile; rather, it is a warning you regretted not taking, it is the hairs standing up on the back of your neck, it is the laugh you’re terrified of hearing.

It is malice and hunger and rage.

You have not seen her cry, weeping rivers to water her sorrow, her head under your chin as you hold her close and try not to drown in her anguish.

You have not loved her. You have not feared her.

You have not known her.

Not like I have.

My sweet, sweet goddess.

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