Sunshine Blogger Award

Well this was unexpected! A great blogger, The Stories In Between

( )

has nominated me in this award, for which I am very grateful.

sunshine-blogger-awardWhat is this Sunshine Blogger Award?

This award is given by bloggers to fellow bloggers who inspire positivity and creativity in the blogging community.


    • Thank the person who nominated you for the Sunshine Award and link back to their blog
    • Answer the questions set by the person who nominated you
    • Nominate other blogs and give them questions to answer
    • Notify your nominees through social media or commenting on their blog
    • List the “rules” and display a Sunshine Award logo in your post

Why did you start blogging?

I wanted both share my writing with an audience, as well as create a routine by which I was actually writing daily, which I’ve managed to do so far!

Who is your favourite blogger?

I’ve only really just started reading other blogs – I like the ones I’ve nominated, as well as the one that nominated me, but at the moment I’m still exploring really.

What keeps you going and motivated?

In terms of blogging – seeing the stats, getting likes and positive comments, really helps me to think that I’m doing something worthwhile. Also I don’t want to disappoint my followers!

In life – I have absolutely no idea

What is your weirdest habit?

Finger guns

What is your favourite cuisine?

Italian by far. That amazing country created pizza and pasta?! Bring on the carbs!

What is a personality trait you would like to change in yourself?

Procrastination. Like how I’m supposed to be revising for exams right now but instead I’m writing a blog post…

What are the first three things you always notice in a person?

I really have no idea – I’ll think about it next time I meet someone new, then let you know!

Which is the best book you have read to date? 

There are so many amazing books out there! Not necessarily the ‘best book’, but my favourite series is The Belgariad by David Eddings – an epic quest, interesting and unique characters, lost kings, political intrigue, magic, and a sprinkling of High Fantasy clichés – what’s not to love? (Except its ‘of-its-time’ representation of female characters – not dreadful, but slightly lacking…)

How do you deal with the negative comments of the people about your appearance or anything else?

I suppress them inside in a turmoil of negative emotions… oops

What is the meaning of your blog name?

Um… I’m a girl… who likes stories…? I really didn’t think about it all that much, but I like it.

What is your goal in life? 

I want to be a professional writer, and write at least one full length fantasy novel!

My Nominations: – beautiful poems – a writer expressing their creative side

My Questions for my nominations (or feel free to answer the ones I answered):

Why do you write?

What’s the meaning behind your blog name?

Why did you start your blog?

Where is your favourite place to write?

Describe your favourite colour without saying what it is

How do you deal with negative comments?

What motivates you?

What is your writing goal?

What is your goal in life?

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