Lullabies: A Poem

Hi there! This is a poem I wrote back in October and wanted to share with you all. Please enjoy.

Shadows of a Half-Forgotten Song

I have lost my lullabies;

I saw them last

In another life,

When youth sparkled like laughter in my eyes.

There lie shadows now,

Damming tears and making the world




Perhaps I left them in a dream;

Over a rainbow, somewhere

Happier, and full of colour.

Before dark thoughts stalked my mind at dusk;

When the curtains close,

The lights are dimmed,

The door pulled to.

I used to clutch my lullabies for comfort;

My arms are empty now.

I sleep alone.


Have you heard my lullabies?

Sing to me; no,

The notes are wrong,

The melody strange.

You cannot comfort me; no matter,

I journey on.


Maybe I did not lose them –

What if they left me?

Decided I was too far gone to save,

Went on their way

To find a better cause.

Perhaps I didn’t treat them right;

Locked them in my heart at night,

Gave them no freedom.

So they enacted their revenge

And left me to suffer.


So on I’ll go,

Chasing echos across thought,

Vain attempts to reminisce

Of happier times;

Following half-remembered hopes,

Until I find my lullabies.

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