Rainy Days: A Poem

It’s raining today, so I decided to write about it. Enjoy!rainy-2638542__340

I love to stay in

And watch the rain.

Watch a sky filled

With a permeation of grey;

Hear raindrops fall, tip-tapping

On rooftop tiles, each

Drop drip-dropping

In puddles and piles, little

Beads ornamenting

February’s bare sticks, bouncing

Off daffodils

In crystalline flicks. Each

Individual drop landing

Plip-plop in the gutter –

Or trickling down the dark drain

With a splutter. I love

To hear thunder

As it growls with a crash,

And lightning that lights up the sky

With a flash and a bang and a cry of

‘Oh my!’

I love to sit and snuggle

In my blankets so dry. And

Oh, don’t forget –

I love to laugh lots

At those getting wet.


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