Shower Thoughts: A Poem

Hi there! This is a little something I wrote this morning, enjoy!


I had forgotten that I’d finally cut my hair,

Applied too much shampoo, watched it

Roll foaming from my hands and down my arms,

Rivers of soap falling to my feet.


Will this

Hot water wash away the sweat of my own tortured thoughts?

Will it cleanse my mind until

I no longer remember the darkest hours of the night,

Will it

Scrub away the layers and leave me, shiny and new,

Will I emerge from the water, dripping,

Drink green tea and be reborn?

Will it

Fix everything that is broken, and wash away

That which cannot be saved,

Will it

Bring me back to life?

Can it change me?


I turn off the jets, let

The scalding water run off the

Back of my neck, head bent, looking down

At shampoo spiralling around the plug hole.


And answer my own questions.

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