Stargazing: A Poem

Hi there! I decided to experiment with layout and spacing today with this new poem. Whilst I wouldn’t be able to explain fully why I’ve laid it out this way, it makes some sort of small amount of sense to me. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!pexels-photoCome

Stargazing with me;

Let us see

what we can see, let us


with our backs in the dirt and our


to the sky.

Let us


all the things that we will do,

Let us

be silent

until the morning’s dew.

Let us


the tears we shed until we sleep,

Let us


Everything we said we’d be, and let us


all the things we said we could

even when

we knew

we never, ever would.


8 thoughts on “Stargazing: A Poem

  1. Can people see the line indents on this? They show up when I visit my site, but not when I view my post through the reader…


    1. I think there must be a glitch, because when my friend viewed it the indents worked – maybe mobile vs desktop? I don’t know, but I’m glad you liked it anyway! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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