Melancholy: A Poem

Hi there! This is a poem I wrote this afternoon. I was inspired for the title whilst cycling to school this morning and this is what I came up with from there. Enjoy!

Melancholy: The Appreciation of the Art of Sadness

There is beauty here,

In the way my heart yearns

For a place and time long gone,

A friend’s face, half

Forgotten in the mists

Of passing days and a lack

Of shared words.


And there is beauty

In the knowledge of uncertainty,

That the best may yet be to come,

And also may be gone,

But there is

Both in the possibility.


And there is beauty

When I look at you, and know,

That no matter what I say or do,

No matter how much I care

For you, I will always be

In this unrequited



But understand,

Whilst I can appreciate the art of sadness,

And the beauty found in shades of blue

And grey and lavender,

That I do not want to be sad

Often or at all,

And still I wish

That all this beauty could exist

In happiness.

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