Silhouette: A Poem

Hi there! My friend challenged me to write a poem based on 4 random words she chose out of the results of a random word generator. They were ‘courtship’, ‘exclusive’, ‘shame’, and ‘peel’. This is the result – I hope you enjoy!

You peeled away the layers of me,


All my secrets and places where

I hide my lies from everyday

life; and in return

For all my private thoughts

You promised an exclusivity to your heart,

And I’m ashamed to say

That I believed that

You’d take care of every part of me.

And when I’d opened up and let you in,

When we’d explored

All the corners of my heart,

I turned to you;

But you were but a silhouette,

An empty shadow, shade

Gone with the morning’s light,

Taking all of me


6 thoughts on “Silhouette: A Poem

  1. Beautiful poem! My friends and I did this once, but didn’t create anything nearly as beautiful as this. It’s fun, though, and a nice challenge!

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