I Am In Love: A Poem

Hi there! This is a poem I wrote back in October when I was in Snowdonia, however, it also refers to the annual Mountaineering course I do in Scotland at Easter and New Year. I hope you enjoy!


I am in love; why else

Would my heart soar so?

I cannot help the corners of my mouth

From lifting up,

Whatever discomfort, as long

As I am with them.


Who are they, you wonder? Ah,

Tis not a face; rather

A place, or, if you excuse the pun,

A range of places.


I am in love with the mountains;

The way they rise out of the mist

And pierce the clouds. The vistas

I perceive from their most glorious heights

Set my soul afire.

The wind in my hair, the rain on my face;

The sun on my back. I love it all!


Even, I love my wet boots

And my blister plasters, if they mean

That I have walked amongst the hills that day.

And I adore

My sodden hat and gloves

That someone knocked

To the drying room floor.


And oh! How I ache

When I breathe in that gorgeous scent

Of mountain air; no matter where,

I have found it; always

There, amongst the peaks. I know

Not what it is. But I love it.


I come back to the cabin;

Leave my boots by the door.

Flop on my bunk bed, hips

Sore, calves aching,

Knees stiff, muscles tight;

But oh, I know I’ll sleep

Well that night.

For I am in love with mountain air,

And anything that

Will get me there.

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