Song of the Mountains: A Poem

Hi there! The first two days of my mountaineering course have been amazing – this is a photo of the view today, although the weather’s going to be dreadful tomorrow. This is a poem I wrote when I got back from my walk today, which I hope you enjoy.

If you hold me tight I’ll

Sing you to sleep, let

Your eyes see the vastness

Of what we perceive, let

Your heart feel the wholeness

That comes from within,

And when we gaze on the mountains

Know that it’s where we begin.


Let us sing til the sunrise,

Let us dance through the night,

Let me go to the mountains,

And I’ll be alright; let your

Heart soar to heights where

The clouds coat the ground;

You know where to find me –

You know where I’m found.


So come to the mountains, and

I’ll sing you a song, of

The lives I have lived and

The loves I have known; I’ll

Bury my heart in

The snow on Ben More –

And leave it to live there

With the place I adore.

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