Fire Stone: A Poem

Hi there! I’m back from Scotland and therefore back to posting daily. I had an amazing time, which will hopefully fuel some good ideas and creativity. This poem was inspired a) by the fact I was challenged to include the line “an unkindness of ravens” by a friend, and b) by a picture I saw of a fire opal that described it as containing a sunset. I hope you enjoy!


I will take the sunset

And preserve it forever in the cool, crystal,

Heart of stone;

I will find a fire-opal,

And place it in the snow.


And I know, that,

Temporality will take my moments away;

And I know, that,

I should live for today, but

You see,

When life presents me

With an unkindness of ravens, circling,

Feasting on what

Was already festering, as they

Sometimes do,

I will

Have, preserved,

A sunset with you.


I will dig through the ice

Of a life long gone, and,

When my hands are numb

I will find a fire-stone;

It will be buried deep, you see,

Left long without a light to breathe, but

I will be

Warmed by a sunset, one

I have already seen,


That is everything to me.


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