The Illusion of Time: A Poem

Hi there! This is a poem that seemed to come from somewhere – I’m not sure how it happened but I ended up with this and I quite like it, so I hope you enjoy!


It’s dark outside,

And I think of the time, the way

Night comes after day, falling

In a cycle that rushes round at a snail’s pace,

At the speed of sound, at

The tick of a clock; of how

The gaps between the hands widen and close like

Elevator doors, and how

The sound rises and falls, urgent,

Incessant tick that clicks through a day,

Trying to say how

There’s not enough time for a kiss goodbye,

There’s not enough time for a word, or a smile,

Or a penny in the jar of an outstretched hand that

Lingers in the air as you pass it by;

And that slow, calming drumming

Heart beat of tick tock

That echoes through a mind asleep, or dreaming,

Or somewhere far away from seeming to be something that it’s not,

How it sounds like eternity in numbered minutes

Of numbered days. I think of how

A day lasts forever but a year is gone

In the blink of an eye, a glance at a watch

And everything’s changed from where it was.


It’s dark outside;

The stars are out, and they shout of eternity in someone else’s sky,

They linger there with questions, why

Do we decide to divide up weeks into days, and days into hours,

When really are the minutes ours,

When am I supposed to be myself and when

Should I conform to someone else’s ideal of society,


Should I admit my faults and when

Should I protect my honour at all costs, what

Should I do with the time I have, should I

Live or die or

Cry myself to sleep about what I cannot have, should

I find the time to follow my dreams, or just live life as it seems,

Face value of a spare minute on a second-hand pocket watch

That used to dictate someone else’s days, and this

Conformity confuses me from you from them

As chaos ensues, and we think of time as a constant,


In reality it is nothing more than a concept poorly explained to a child

Who looks at the stars and sees nothing more

Than today.


It’s dark outside;

Simple as it sounds,

It is truth;

But only



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