Taking a Moment: A Poem

Hi there! This is a poem I wrote a really long time ago, a couple of years at least – I just found an old notebook from back then and decided to share some with you. I hope you enjoy.

I sit in shaded canopy,

Around which runs despair;

A certain degree of hopelessness

Makes up the haunted air.

Around me is a field of grey –

Jackets, bags and coats;

Even the colour of the street

From which the darkness floats.

The people rushing to and fro

Together neglect to see

The peace that alludes them day to day;

The calm surrounding me.

And I sit and watch as, frantically,

They search for something new;

Some other colour to the world

Apart from grey and blue.

I sit alone and contemplate

The thoughts of those around;

The pain of them is haunting me,

The lack of joyful sound.

I know what it is they need to do,

What it is they need to see;

If only they would take a pause

And come and sit with me.

The world isn’t lacking poetry,

But poets – can’t you tell?

Those who take a moment

Are those who write it well.

For peace is found in moments

Of calm in day to day;

Watching all the people rush

With nothing more to say.

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