Reality Is A Cracked Mirror: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this poem that I wrote this afternoon.

dark-3061610_960_720Can you see

What I can see?

That the surface of reality is a cracked mirror,

Shards of glass scraping their jagged points across

The fingers of our thoughts that dare

Ever to explore the splintered surface of the universe;

That what we know is ruptured along lines

Of contradiction that compel us

To be overlooked; that

Fate is a monster who duels Death at chess,

And we are the pieces of a game played

For gain and without a single breath

Between two deities of poison who corrupt every second

You have left;

That life is a riddle and a code

That can only be cracked through a

System overload of insanity and then, maybe,

The last shreds of consciousness shed their light

On why we live in this eternal fight, this

Survival of the fittest which we call



The universe is as small as infinity and

As strong as a cracked shell;

And in it we exist without meaning, full

Of pointlessness and a thirst

For knowledge that would sell our souls to understand;

But this is the devil’s plan;

A sweet exchange for something

That we can never have.

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