Have You Seen the Stars: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this poem about stars that I wrote this morning in time that I probably should have been using to actual work…

Have you ever seen the stars?

I mean, I know you have,

Have looked up at the night sky and seen those angelic,

Pearly, luminescent silver sparkles that adorn the heavens like

A string of Diamonds adorns the hair

Of a Queen.

But have you ever, ever really seen –

The blanket of opalescent rainbow hues that coat the deepest darkness

Of the celestial sphere,

Little vast pinpricks of light that seem only to appear

With direct sight, and in your periphery fade

To a subtle smear of bleached silver despite your desire to view

All the constellations, all you see is this tangled web,

That you hold dear even as they fight for your attentions,


The night is over and the grey light of dawn discolours your amazement, and life

Goes on.


Little does anybody know,

That you have seen the stars –

And you can’t let go.

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