Wishing; A Poem

Hi there! I hope you enjoy this evening’s poem – I was aiming particularly for a consistent rhyme scheme with this one.

I wished upon a shooting star,

As I often do,

And though I don’t tell anyone

My wishes don’t come true.

Once I wished that I could fly –

A naive wish, perhaps;

And once I wished that I could find

Some ancient treasure maps.

I wished for love, and that my crush

Would also fancy me;

Although I’m sure that fate can’t make

Book characters reality.

I used to wish for material things;

I thought they’d make me glad.

But then I turned on the TV

And it only makes me sad.

So now I wish, and wish, and wish,

And pray and beg to fate,

That the world could learn to love again

Instead of all this hate.

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