Evening in Shades of Blue: A Poem

Hi there! This poem is inspired by the wonderful sky I saw yesterday evening, and I hope you enjoy it.

Have you seen


1000 shades of aquamarine, pinpoint a single hue too


for words, too subtle

for sense made by anything other than


direct appreciation of this cyan wonder.



above, behind; see

Indigo encapsulated, deep

dark; rich with melancholy and the first


imprint of the stars, disruption

of the ink stained celestial pool, made

ever more in contrast than alone.


Ahead – green-tinged turquoise,

lapis gems adorning

the horizon with their softest glow, this


ornament that cascades with the


softest glow.



life. unadulterated, in

a constant state of flux, whilst,

immobile for a moment, and ignored,

the blue perpetuates


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