The Lost Music: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this poem that I wrote this evening. I advise anyone who doesn’t know what it is to look up the Music of the Spheres, it’s a really interesting theory. I’ve also drawn on its ties to Paradise Lost for part of this poem, as we’re studying the text at the moment.


We never knew; that is,

We never knew until it stopped; ended,

Until we lost the harmony of the planets,

We never knew how it sounded.

This beautiful chord, music

Permeating, ceaselessly, our every waking thought,

Our every dreaming desire, did stop.

She was deceived. She knew not what she did.

She disobeyed.

A perfect harmony was ended, and we felt

The reverberating silence of disorder, chaos

Not found elsewhere but in silence,

The lack of order expressed in a lack of anything at all.

We did not know we had it until,

Until, that fateful day, the music stopped;

A thousand hearts plunged into silence,

A thousand voices cried out

From pain they did not understand.

She reached out her hand only for knowledge

It was not hers to take.

Before, there was only beauty.

Before, there was no heartache.

Before, we did not understand the evils

Existing in our universe, for the music

Masked it all, sheltering us

In celestial protection, heavenly

Choir of reverberating sounds,

The heavenly bodies all in line;

Pythagoras knew, but was not believed

By the Father of Western philosophy; fool.

He knew not – we knew not – until we lost it.

She was tempted

She succumbed.

Now, gone,

We note only its absence, only

The quiet and the solitude,


The chaotic lack that makes no feeling

But a sense of emptiness, of

Missing something more.

We did not know the music until we lost it;

And now, it is too late.


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