Lost Time: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this poem that I wrote this evening on the subject of time.clock-1274699__480


Do you notice

The lost time?

Ten minutes that passes in the blink of an eye?

Half an hour on the train ride home

That you idly watch

And just let go?

This liminal space, these seconds lost,

The gap between the hands on your pocket watch,

Do you see them pass you by?


Do you notice how,

When you don’t keep track,

The minutes and seconds don’t come back?

How an hour can pass without your recall,

How you can waste a day with no sense at all,

Where does it go?


How can this be?

That we just lose time,

In a similar way to losing a dime,

As if it slipped through the lining inside your coat,

Got dropped on the street –

And though you won’t notice how the time goes by,

It’s natural to ask, how? And why?


And yet it seems, these neglected seconds,

Although your everyday routine beckons,

Can be found again, a minute here

A minute there, those thirty seconds on that chair,

That half an hour on the bus,

And if we know we lose it thus,

Perhaps we now can use this day

In the most fulfilling way.

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