Quest For The Key: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this little poem, or tale. I was drawing on fairy-tale themes about quests to find magical objects from books I remember reading when I was very small. I hope you enjoy!


If you journey

4 leagues to the West, then

Follow the brightest star in the sky

For another three,

You will come to a forest bordered round

With silver trees;

There, take the left hand arch (never the right

There you’ll find all the horrors

That roam the woods at night);

Journey now along the path shown

By the light of the moon,

(Never deviate to follow

The pipes at noon. Cotton in the ears

Is recommended).

Now follow the stream

As it runs uphill,

Til you reach the place where time stands still.


When you reach the clearing dotted round

With stars amongst the grass,

Pluck me the one

That stands separate from the mass,

Hide it in your cloak, then,

Make sure you make it back within a day;

And I shall give you the key.

What key?

The key to my heart.

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