A Fierce Freedom: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this poem that I wrote this evening. I’m feeling nostalgic for the mountains, and tried to capture with words that feeling you get there.


The icy wind curls its fingers through your hair,

Lifting it out of your eyes as you observe

The summit; harsh breaths through gritted teeth

And a smile, and you’re there;

This is the top of the world;

This is the seat of the mighty, the land

Of the free.

You drop your heavy bag, and let

Your feet guide you to the edge;

You suck in a breath;

Three thousand feet lie vertically between you and the sea,

And the cliff drops away, down to the valley floor,

Far, far below.

The pit of your stomach drops at the same time

As your heart leaps for joy; this is a

Strange, euphoric


Never before,

Have you lived so much

In a single moment,

As right here, right


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