Night Cat: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this poem I wrote this evening, with a bit of inspiration help from a

Watch out; the Night Cat stalks its prey tonight,

In the darkest hours, when all has faded from

The cyan hues of afternoon, returned,

To the blackness of the beginning; you

May think you see the stars, but no; not



The Night Cat stalks its prey tonight,

Under the clouds; pinpoints of light for eyes,

An eerie glow that you don’t know why

But you despise, hurry past, flick

Your collar up against the darkness.


What does the Night Cat hunt, you ask;

Fool. If you see the Night Cat, there’s only one thing it is hunting;

It is hunting you – and as its claws sink

Into your back, your arms fling wide,

Surprise written on your features, sweat

Trickling down your back, a thousand pinpricks

And you gasp in pain – never,


To be heard from again.


The Night Cat hunts its prey tonight.

Watch out; for the Night Cat has you in its sights;

It slinks through the gaps between the shadows and stars;

You’ll never hear it coming, you’ll

Never see the scars. When the Night Cat strikes,

It never does so twice; so don’t

Go out tonight.

The Night Cat is a-hunting.

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