Serendipity: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this poem that I wrote this evening. In particular I was looking to find and include beautiful words that I particularly like.


Let me watch the sunset

And find oblivion in numbered days, in

A labyrinthine summer twisted

With dark nights and bright stars

And hazy memories filled with honey and thunderstorms

And wood-smoke and ink;

Take my hand and lead me on a tangled journey

Through candles and pages

And a place in which to sink my thoughts and forget

The temporality of time and the inconsistencies of life;

Dance with me through an Elysian bliss,

An incandescence, something beautiful

That will last forever; let me remember

This; this infinity found in lying languorously

In a laconic listlessness;

And let me find all this in nothing more

Than a sunset, on which I can sweetly



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