Cyclical Beauty: A Poem

Hi there! In this poem I was mostly concerned about constructing the images well. I don’t think it’s one of my best, but the purpose of this blog is to experiment anyway, so i don’t particularly mind sharing it. I hope you enjoy.yellowstone-national-park-1581879_1280

Drink in the image of the trees,

Ghostly silhouette of tangled branches and skeletal

Leaves, the echo of Winter’s vivid icy hue

Pronounced by the few grey clouds in the faded cyan sky.


Relish in the oppressive Summer heat, orange dust

Dancing in the streets where the shadows quiver in the vibrancy of the light,

The darkness of the thunder clouds, the startled flash of lightning

Across the indigo sky.


Sit with me in the Spring, when the

Daisies blossom in the grass beneath the trees,

When the first buds are forming of the new year’s leaves,

The sky is balanced tween blue and grey, and the  plants still

Echo the scent of tumultuous rain.


And in Autumn, when the leaves begin to fall sending a cacophony of hues

Across the sides of the street, dead leaves crunch

Beneath your feet, cold winds blow and the sky is muted;

I shall be there too.

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