Before Dawn: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this poem that I wrote this evening.tree-407256__480

The light has faded from the sky,

And all the world is in shade of grey, like

Shadows lingering on the earth, dark

Silhouettes of all that was in day delightful but now,

Distorted, out of form, twisted and unmade

Into phantoms and shapes, unlit by stars and

Streaked with spotlights from the moon between the clouds that

Swirl across the darkening sky.

Hush; listen to

The whispers of the wind, for it shall tell you

Many a secret of the night, close

Your ears if you do not wish to hear what

You already know by sight,

That the witching hour has come, the familiar all is gone,

And we are now in the lost places between the walls,

The cracks between the cupboards,

The space between the worlds, the masked unknown

Terrors of the mind personified

In the blackness of the night;

Close your eyes and hope

For pleasant dreams;

Do not linger here – who knows

What thoughts may come?

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