Home: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this little poem about feeling at home, and where that might be – not where I live, but where my heart is.


If I ask you to take me home,

Do not take me to my house, the place I live,

The storage of all my things, collected and forgotten

Through these short long years of living: no,

Take me, instead, to my heart’s home, the place

Where my loves roam free across the space

Between the stars, where my

Memories are, happy days gone by,

Somewhere near the open sky, take me

Back to my homeland, the one I have seen,

The only place I have truly felt free from

The pain and the heartbreak and toil,

Take me back to my new-found

Native soil, the place I belong, the

Place that I love, the place that will always

Be just enough; so take me back to this mystical land,

Lead me on, hand in hand, to the place I love

To call my own, take me back

To the place I call home.

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