The Song Thrush And The Dragon: A Poem

I’ll be honest, even I’m confused about this one, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! I was aiming for a bit of madness with a strong rhyme, and I reckon I’ve definitely achieved the madness part.


Said the dragon to the song thrush,

I’ll do you a deal. I’ll never hurt your nesting tree,

If everyday you sing to me, for you sing with such great zeal.

Said the song-thrush to the dragon, my, haven’t

You some pride! Why would you ever hurt this tree,

Knowing I’m inside? I’ll sing now when it pleases me

And no other time beside!

The dragon thought now carefully, puffing wisps of smoke,

And considered with great care, the song thrush and the oak;

And came to the conclusion, that his offer he revoked.

So when it came to the time of day, when dragons do as dragons must,

He set a fire in wheat and hay, reducing it to dust; and yet

When he was finished, the tree did not combust.

The song thrush emerged shakily, to ruin all around,

And cautiously flew down to the dragon,

Resting on the ground.

I don’t understand, the song thrush said,

Why I am still here. You would not spare my tree, you said,

You made it pretty clear,

I didn’t promise to sing for you, and yet I’m in the clear.

The dragon turned his beady eye towards the little bird,

I must confess from hurting you I am very much deterred,

For even though you made no vow, your song can still be heard.

And the song thrush and the dragon, sat together now at rest

And the song thrush lifted up its beak and sang with all its breath,

And the dragon curled up peacefully, for he was with music blessed.

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