I’m Tired of Waiting For Tomorrow: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this poem that I wrote this evening.ice-bag-3190525_1280

Faded aquamarine on

Cyan hues of dreams forgotten in a lullaby daze

Of butterflies exchanged in search

Of admirable qualities;


Gave me my heart in a duct tape gift box

Holding all the answers in a puff of violet tissue

And a drop of candle wax, and I

Melted, butter-like,

Into a pool of spreading ink expressing

Thoughts in consonants and vowels

In a nostalgic emptiness of sense, broadcast

On a pixelated cloud;

I live off promises of dancers wishes

And an exploration of the land beneath the sky,

Viewed through my crystal ball projecting

Snapshots of  future anxiously, ecstatically awaited on these

Dreary dull-days, liminal in-between,

Hazy gap between the minutes that drags on

For a lifetime.


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