The Rage of Oceanus: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this poem I wrote this evening about the tumult of storms at sea.


The thunder bellows out with rage over the lumbering swell

Of tormented torrents, mounds of water rolling

Away into the horizon. Deep purples

Blossom on the skyline, illuminated by

Sword swipes of lightning, cleaving the clouds, tearing

The fabric of the sky with a whip crack of light.

Giants battle in the skies for dominance,

Titans roar and scream and hurl the elements around

With wild abandon and ferocity.

A tumultuous frenzy rocks the surface

Of the sea.

Deep down, in the deep-sea,

In the blackest indigo darkness, in the solace

And the silence of the deep,

There lies a world


By the war above.

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