String: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this evening’s little poem, about distance.


Fate has tied me with string,

Stretching miles away, past

Train tracks where the nature sprites dance over

Red-worn brick work,

Where the Buddleias bloom in the gravel;

This line

Travels past my horizon, through green fields, over fences,

To where the buildings touch the sky.


And I shall share thunderstorms,

Electric points illuminate the early hours,

Connected by nought but a thread,

And a flash of light;

And that will not be enough;

But a sunset shared is one personified, gazing out of windows

Tied with string, words

Written that would be spoke aloud;

And the buzz will be physical, held in my hand

Where a screen lights up

With a now joyful sound;

And if it’s raining where I am but you

Don’t have a cloud in the sky,

I’ll tell you I’m jealous of the sunshine;

For it gets to see you.

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