Ashes: A Poem

Hi there! Here’s a little poem I wrote this evening. I had great fun coming up with all the fire imagery, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it!flame-1363003_1280


Licking up these broken walls, eroded

Chains, bricks crumbling to the sandy floor, and ash,

Ash-feathers floating, suffocating the still

Air with charcoal and dust;

Embers glow, eyes

Beneath the ruin,

Eyes gazing and blinking, all

The colours of a furnace roaring compressed into

These last smouldering stones.

And out of ashes we rise again;

And out of dust we are reborn;

And I shall watch the burning ruin of the constraints

Of another self

Come crumbling down like paper houses;

And I shall watch

The beauty of the flames.

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