Shades Of Evening: A Poem

Hi there! I hope you enjoy this poem I wrote this evening about that time just after sunset before the sky gets fully dark that always seems so peaceful.


The trees stand, silhouetted against

The pale hues of evening. Drifting

Through the sky with the consistency of

Spider silk are fine grey lace clouds,

Gliding like swans across the open expanse

Of indigo, fading to aquamarine

Towards the horizon.

The first star blinks, winks,

And dreamily awakens

To shine out across the cyan haze, little

Pinprick diamond firefly gazing

Across the darkening land;

And the tress stand tall and black against

This vista, branches brushing softly

Against the celestial sphere

In the cool evening’s breeze;

The soft coo of a wood-pigeon

Gently echoed by the rustling of the leaves,

Calls a quiet goodnight;

Til tomorrow.



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