Exam Time Clocks: A Poem

First exam anxiety is setting in for tomorrow, so I decided I might as well exploit it for a poem. I hope you enjoy.


The ticking clock

Signals ever anxious second lost,

Every tick tock closer and closer,

Every heartbeat sooner,

The unstoppable march of time progressing onwards,

Devouring the minutes and the hours,

Moving ever closer the large room and

The desks and the blank page

And “start!”

And then it will continue with every pen scratch

And muffled cough,

Every scratch of the head

And anxious sip of water, until

The last line scrawled with such ferocity as to leave it illegible

As “Lay your pens down please!”

And relief

Intermingles with fear and anticipation,

That hovers through every ticking second

Passing until the summer;

And then time continues,


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