Chase The Stars: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this poem that I wrote this evenig about chasing the stars; interpret as you wish.


Come; I wish

To chase the stars, gazing

Ever upwards at hues of aquamarine, and forgetting

All that I have seen and done and been;

I wish

To run forever, chasing a dream

Half-forgotten in a daze of silent truth, feel

The rush of living without regretting, of

Dying without bloodletting;

Of existing wholly in oneself without this ever constant fear;

Come with me, for I wish

To dance in the shadows of the moon’s

Soft glow and find

Freedom in myself and

Beauty in all else;

And I wish

That reality had a place for me, a

Space that fit my personality; the obstacles

I face have driven me

To chase the stars, unlit, unbound,



So take my hand before I fade away,

I’ll ask you to come, if I may, with me;

To chase the stars.


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