Where I Once Was Empty, I Now Find Peace: A Poem

Hi there! Sometimes you’re just in too good a mood to write the sad poem you were going for, and this happens. Go find the things that fill your life with colour!watercolor-2439011_1280

There exists beneath these surfaces,

A void, the containment of a

Hollow shell, a distinct and grey-scale lack,

And emptiness; the colours

Bleached and lost, not even

The edges of sepia persist, no

Brightness here exists, no

Painted hues or glistening,

Glittering shades of blue;

No stars or pinpoints of light

To brighten the void, space

Undefined, immoral

Unprecise, disguised,

Uncertain, unrefined;

Indistinguishable from life through its abstraction

And the ever-present sense of something

Not quite akin to regret, begotten

By loss and forgotten in every shade

Of blue;

Every hue of scarlet that comes bursting through in

Violent, violet flames, sparking

Fireworks of green, cascades

And torrents of the brightest yellow,

Through cherry and emerald, burgundy and beryl,

As all the light comes flooding in, golden sheen,

Lapis lazuli unseen

Here before;

Gems and rainbows and blushing,

Rosy pinks;

And, I think

They will take a while to fade;

For where I once was empty, I am


Filled with colours.


This poem was partly inspired by this YouTube video by the amazing creator KickThePj, who is truly inspirational, and I strongly advise you go check out some of his amazing films and music, as well as some of his ‘just kind of crazy’ videos!

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