Gift: A Poem

Hi there! This is a poem that I drafted fairly recently, but needed a bit of work, and I think I’ve got it to where I want it this evening, so I hope you enjoy.


You gave me roses,

And a piece of my heart in

A box full of smoke, and

Somewhere else you found the smile

That I lost long ago, and returned, intact,

With a DIY bow; you filled me with colours

In a place where they lacked, and filled me to aching

With the laugh you gave back;

And you gave me

Cuteness and clichés, and the touch of

Your hand, and I can only hope that you

Understand, that I have nought

To give you, nought but my words;

For I do not know how to say

All things I mean, so I let them

Pool into ink and bleed through my fingertips,

To be viewed on a screen;

And I worry that you will not

Know, like I do, that the

Power of words is an extraordinary thing, and

I side with caution in using them for just

Anything, so when I give you

My words, I give you all

That I know

How to give.

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