Driftwood: A Poem

Hi there! I hope you enjoy this evening’s poem, about life and storms and how the concepts of the two collide.


Be still; pause

The rush, the stream, the tide,

The constant ebb and flow of life,

Dragging you like driftwood

To crash against the cliffs, hurled

By waves shaped by the storm of living;

Take some time; five minutes,

An hour, a day,

A week if you need, just to

Piece yourself back together before you launch,

Once more,

Into the breech, my friends, once more;

Be safe;

Tie up all your loose ends

And move on from that

Which threatens to drag you down into the deep,

Weights on your feet; let them go;

It takes time, trust me,

I know, but it’s what you need

To do to stay afloat;

Stay strong;

It may seem like a lifetime, but

Tomorrow comes,

And the sunrise dawns

All the clearer for the storms

You have weathered the night before.

So sleep well, and face the day

With the knowledge that the light

Is just a storms-length away.

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