Poison: A Poem

Hi there! This is a poem I’ve had brewing for a little while and finally decided to write this evening, which I hope you enjoy.


There were briars tangled under her skin,


Just below the surface so her thorns pricked

But no one could see that it was her

That left the scratches on me;

And she disguised with perfume

Her Hemlock breath, so that whilst I knew

That every word she said was a poison,

Settling in a slow, long-lasting decay,

Acid burning through the foundations of self, everyone else

Would simply compliment the sickly scent of roses;

And she was a witch,

That cast spells of enchantment and glamour

To hide the truth of her fangs behind

A sycophantic smile,

And whilst her curses blinded me, all

Everyone else could see,

Was the halo she made out of hell fire and wore

Like diamonds; and little by little,

I started to believe

Her falsities.

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