Cityscape: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this little poem that I wrote this evening about the view over London.


Sirens fade into the darkness of the night,

Whistling scream that dims into the whisper of an echo,

Replaced by motors rumbling, horns; a screech of brakes

Breaks the illusion of silence

Created by the ever-present flow.

Voices drift,

Up from the street below, shouts

And laughs and casual conversations

Disintegrating into mumbled sound and scattering

On the barest breath of breeze that attempts

To shake the stillness of the air, dispersing

Into the night.

But it is not dark, not

Quite, not with all

The lights that pierce the faded blackness

Of the sky, faint glow

Shades the horizon with a hint of gold,

And all the colours blaze like

Earth-bound stars, plucked

From their place among the heavens and

Captured here on earth,

Burning just as bright, adorning the city

Like a crown.

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