Photograph: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this little poem that I wrote this evening about memories and photographs and age.album-2974646_1280.jpgMake all the memories you can today;

Dance in the sunshine, or

Laugh the rain away;

Find solace in the clouds that drift

Between the trees, or

Just breathe the clean air in,

The scent of the tarmac and the leaves,

For one day we

Will be growing old, and I can see

Me sitting beside a fireplace with

A blanket on my knees,

And all I’ll have is photographs,

Faded now with age,

Of all the things I did and said,

All the places that have changed;

And it don’t matter if I can’t remember

What the joke exactly was,

As long as we are laughing

In that time I’ve lost.

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