Conversations With Death: A Poem

Hi there! I hope you enjoy this poem that I wrote this evening.


Death and I have talked before;

At first it was nothing; He

Would say hello from time to time,

And I

Was afraid of His allure.

Then came a time of darkness, and I

Thought that He

Might give me answers, but

I should have known that He cannot uphold

A promise to find the light.

It was in the shadows that I found Him,

A smile

Haunting His lips, and reached

Out His hand

To show me the way.

He laughed at my refusal, murmured

“Maybe next time”, and left, leaving

An ache that

Never quite went away.

We talk sometimes; I flirt

With His darknessess and every time

His glinting eyes make an offer

That I every time refuse;

And it is easier now, but,

Every now and then

I go to have a talk with Death

And He reaches out His hand


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