Unsaid Words: A Poem

Hi there! Apologies for the lack of posts over the last couple of days, I have been both busy and tired, and didn’t quite manage to get round to writing. I am also sad to announce that I am going away camping for a week, starting tomorrow, and it is unlikely that I will have either the internet or the time to post. However, here’s one last poem before then for you to enjoy, and I’ll hopefully be back to posting daily after that.


Some words

Take a long time to say, beginning

Like an echo on the edge of a thought, a feeling

In your gut, knowing

That you have something to say but you’re not sure


And then it takes some time to

Gain a shape, growing and changing

As your heart

Waxes and wanes, a metamorphosis

From idea to concept

That happens as gradually

As a germinating seed beginning to crack

Beneath the soil.

And then, when

You know what it is that’s been waiting

On the tip of your tongue,

You have to make it presentable, and that

Can take a long,

Long time, mixing words in the bowl of your brain

And hoping for something recognisable

At the end; and then, lastly,

You have to wait, with the words in your mouth

Aching to be said, trembling

On your lips like an unanswered kiss,

Pounding your heart

A hundred times a minute,

Tasted every second, tongue trying to work out whether

It’s the right time for them to be uttered forth

Upon the world.

You want to shout them from the rooftops,

Write them in the stars,

Whisper them

In the only ear

That’s meant to hear them.

And so your heart is a pocket watch, counting time


That moment

When you let loose what you have always known, but never

Had the courage to say.

One thought on “Unsaid Words: A Poem

  1. Timing is everything. “And so your heart is a pocket watch, counting time / Until / That moment / When you say what you have always know[n?], but never / Had the courage to say.” And sometimes you have to hope it comes around again if you missed out the first time while the words were still forming. That’s one of the worst feelings.
    Have fun camping! Be safe!

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