Mountaineering: A Poem

Hi there! After an enjoyable little walk uphill through the rain today, I ended up writing this poem, debating my sanity. I hope you enjoy!

When I talk to those

Who have never

Been to the hills, never

Summited a mountain in

40mph winds, never

Walked through a snowstorm

Or seen the views above the clouds,

I have found

That they struggle to understand

How trudging

Uphill through the rain,

Cold wind on your face,

Fire burning through

Your aching legs, short breaths,

Sweaty socks clinging to your toes,

Just for the sake of it

Could ever be enjoyable.

But you see, they just don’t

Understand –

They have never done it themselves.

Or that’s what I think.

Maybe, though,

I’m just mad.

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