Hello: A Poem

Hi there! I know people of both the types mentioned in this poem – I’ll let those who know me figure out who they might be 😉

(I’m joking, you’re all lovely).

I hope you all enjoy the poem, let me know if you can relate!

Isn’t it funny how

Some people

Can so dramatically change your mood

With a simple “hello”?


‘Oh god,

Not them’,

And a stifled sigh exhaled

Through pursed lips

And a false brightness,

An unseen clenched fist

And words spoken with a more than necessary

Amount of teeth;

Or, on the shiny side

Of that self-same coin,

How that single,


Meaningless word,

Can be the spark that lights a candle flame

Where before

There was nothing more

Than ash,

Drifting through,

And passing by.

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