Of Blackberries: A Poem

Hi there! Sorry for the lack of posts this week – I went to the Netherlands with friends with the full intention of writing whilst I was there… Oh well, I had a great time anyway. Back to writing daily now, here’s a poem about the blackberries that have been popping up now across the country, and which I really love to eat. I hope you enjoy!


Encircled there by wicked thorns, there lies

Within this crown of barbs, a prize which I

Desire; a sweet nectar therein resides, full

Round orbs, dusted with dew before the sun arises,

Dark honey of a kind found only in the wild, under

Stormy, humid skies; I reminisce, of that first, rich,

Sweet surprise of juices bursting on the tongue, little pips

That hide twixt grinding teeth, much derided, but

Worthwhile; temperamentally sweet or sour, one would advise

That the best fruit of this infernal vine

Can be found sheltered neath the leaves; this disguise

Protects the wondrous berry which I here


2 thoughts on “Of Blackberries: A Poem

  1. Your poem brings back childhood memories of picking wild blackberries at my parent’s home. Mom would cook them down with sugar and lemon peel and pour the filling into a pie crust topped with a sugar crust. Their taste off the vine is exactly as you described.

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    1. I’m really glad the poem had such an effect! I was also thinking about picking blackberries with my mum to make her amazing jam 🙂

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