Okay: A Poem

Hi there! I hope you enjoy this poem that I wrote this evening.


If you’re not okay

Then that’s okay;

Don’t dry your tears if you need to cry, open

The floodgates and let it all

Come pouring out,

Your worries and your woes,

Your stresses and your sorrows; I would prefer

That you left salt-stains on my skin

Than try to keep it in, buried deep,

Left to simmer in

That empty space below your heart,

Rough edged void

Somehow filled with every piece

You tried to hide away,

Eating ever outwards and devouring

Every waking

And dreaming thought;

I would prefer you

Curled up on my lap than somewhere else

Alone, behind closed doors barred with

“I’m fine”, blockades of “You don’t

Need to worry about

Me;” don’t be afraid

To tell me that

You’re not okay;

Because that’s


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