Rewritten: A Poem

Hi there! I hope you enjoy this poem that I wrote this evening.


I heard every word

That dropped from your mouth like a snake,

Hissing, and dripping in venom before

Dissipating in the cool, crisp, morning air;

I felt every phrase that left

Its subtle mark, not upon my skin,

But somewhere within, upon my heart;

And I bent

To your attempts

To rewrite me as you thought I ought

To be; but first,

You had to erase the words

That were already there, scratching out each

Abnormal syllable to be replaced with

Something more akin to despair;

I heard every word you said that tried

To break me into little pieces to be rebuilt;

And I don’t know if you knew

That that was what

You were doing;

But oh, I could tell

Just as soon as someone showed me

That I was enough;

And slowly

I pieced myself back together, but


There are cracks

That cannot be filled.

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