Dawn: A Poem

Hi there! I’ve just spent an amazing 4 days on a camping trip in the Cairngorms in Scotland, hence the lack of posts recently, but I’m back now, and tomorrow I’m off on the exciting (and mildly terrifying) adventure of starting university, so it’s all busy at the mo! I did get a chance to write this poem though, which I hope you enjoy.


I saw dawn over a veiled city,

Shrouded in a muted haze, indistinct;

There were clouds still pocketed in the corners of the fields,

Trees rising from the fog

Of this in-land sea, this

Earth-bound sky;

I saw the darkness crack, and

The first muted tones of morning in the East;

I saw with the gaining clarity of the light

The outline of your face

As you slept on; and I wished you

Pleasant dreams.

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