Autumn: A Poem

Hi there! Here’s a poem I wrote this evening about that autumn feeling, which I really love. Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts! Thanks.


There’s a scent in the air,

As creased and folded as an antique map, displaying

All the lands still inhabited by the unknown,

And all the guess-work etched

In lines of uncertainty;

It’s a scent that lingers in the hedges, in the dark corners

Under brambles, in between

The rich blossoming fruit,

Where field mice drink barley wine

The size of dewdrops;

It lingers in the stones that lie, weathered,

On a beach that holds the ache

Of every storm that’s passed its way, its secrets

Lie in dark caves, crying salt tears and crystals;

It is as light as a feather,

And as old as the earth,

And it lingers in the air like rain

Left on eyelashes, like smoke

Forming the memory

Of a flame.


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